Everything Is Normal Until Proven Otherwise: A Book about Wraparound Services

Everything Is Normal Until Proven Otherwise: A Book About Wraparound Services - Karl W. Dennis, Ira S. Lourie, Dixie Jordan Even though some actions recommended in this book would be considered boundary violations for a therapist, it was still refreshing to read a book about what I do (intensive in-home counseling).As a therapist working with a young child who is violent, I was offended by one passage. The authors were expressing shock that a four-year-old was on a psychiatric hospital ward with twelve-year-olds. They had inquired, and learned that the small child was hospitalized after pulling a knife on her mother. A parenthetical aside was made to this effect: "Why wouldn't her mother just take the knife from her? Problem solved." Such a statement shows no empathy for a family who is trying to manage a violent child, and echoes what parents are probably already hearing from teachers, social workers, and other "helping" professionals.