The Girl in Alfred Hitchcock's Shower

The Girl in Alfred Hitchcock's Shower - Robert Graysmith Robert Graysmith does not understand his subject, a woman with whom he's admittedly been "obsessed" for decades. Let me list the ways:1. He states Marli Renfro is modest. --> On nude shoots, she always does long, limbering exercises in the nude in front of cast and crew. She is a nudist who enjoys being watched.2. He states Renfro is in no way pretentious or vain. -->On the Psycho shoot, she once got dressed in some of her most expensive clothing and lingered for thirty minutes in the shower set after hours, in hopes someone would notice that she was as stylish as Janet Leigh.3. He states Renfro is so unassuming that she doesn't even care that she is famous (in a loose usage of that word) or has been an admired nude model --> When Graysmith finally met Renfro, he ran into her thanks to Ebay, where he and she both were searching for pictures of Renfro. Renfro admitted she was amassing a collection her own nude shots.4. He states that she is unique, that Renfro looks like nobody else. --> One photograph of Renfro included in the book looks like Marilyn Monroe. A couple of pictures of an aged Renfro look remarkably like Frances Fisher.Basically, I find Renfro insufferable, an arrogant, self-absorbed woman who seems to believe that Psycho's success was due to her, a body double, rather than Janet Leigh, or Anthony Perkins, or Alfred HItchcock. I was enthralled by Graysmith's books investigating the Zodiac murders: Zodiac and Zodiac Unmasked. This book left me disappointed and, frankly, irritated. I'm sorry I was ever introduced to Marli Renfro.The murder victims of Henry "Sonny" Busch, a real-life Norman Bates, have been overshadowed by repeated descriptions of Renfro's nipples. A true shame.