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Attic Clowns: Complete Collection - Jeremy C. Shipp
Jeremy was most gracious to stop into the Haunted Palace for some quick questions about the sometimes horrific nature of toys, and the wishes, hopes and dreams of the undead. Happy Halloween.
Which are more frightening: clowns or Teddy Ruxpin? Why?
I would rather face a giggle of clowns than a horde of Teddy Ruxpins. A single Ruxpin can tear a man apart with his bear claws. Also, it's very disturbing when they look at you with those dead eyes.

Why are you so fascinated by Smurfs?
Smurfs always cheer me up when I'm feeling blue. I mean, they're delicious, and I love the way their bones crunch in my mouth.

Rubik's Cube: toy or time portal?
The Rubik's cube is a time portal that takes me back to the 80s, where I'm trying hard to solve the darned thing, but I can't. And then I'm attacked by cenobites.

Are zombies just misunderstood and lonely?
Zombies devour brains because of an unyielding sense of nostalgia. They miss their memories, their dreams, their connections to other people. They believe that brains will bring them closer to their pasts, but their emotional appetites can never be satiated.

Most unintentionally frightening film ever made? Why?
Son of the Mask is one of the most terrifying films I've ever experienced. The closeups of Jamie Kennedy's face when he's wearing the mask makes me cringe. And the CGI baby makes me cower in fear. There's an ultra-disturbing Twister scene that I'll never forget.
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Jeremy C. Shipp is the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of Cursed, Vacation, and Sheep and Wolves. His shorter tales have appeared in over 60 publications, the likes of Cemetery Dance, ChiZine, Apex Magazine, Withersin, and Shroud Magazine. Jeremy enjoys living in Southern California in a moderately haunted Victorian farmhouse called Rose Cottage. He lives there with a couple of pygmy tigers and a legion of yard gnomes. The gnomes like him. The clowns living in his attic--not so much. His twitter handle is @JeremyCShipp.