Lisey's Story: A Novel

Lisey's Story: A Novel - Stephen King “...the yellow thread of memory...”: very sharp foreshadowing

Note for myself: “Sh-Boom” was written and recorded by The Chords; the white versions that did well were the covers by The Billy Williams Quartet and The Crew-Cuts

The reason it took me so long to finish this book, after a couple of starts and much time, was my misreading of Lisey. The beginning of the novel reads, to me, like a famous widow’s bragging to self-soothe through grief: that’s right, he was *my* man, the world was jealous. But it’s a false facade if you hang on...and if you pay attention to details, such as how very difficult Scott actually was as a spouse...and the much more subtle fact that Scott and Lisey appear to have no friends outside of each other...
Then it becomes another, richer novel entirely.