Missed me? I am back, and have a new playground to share.

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Mysterious America: The Ultimate Guide to the Nation's Weirdest Wonders, Strangest Spots, and Creepiest Creatures - Loren Coleman

I so need to catch up with you all, and I need to correct my read shelf...but I have a very good excuse. I have been knee-deep in an excellent project:

I am the webmaster and the librarian for the The Dollop Podcast's website. It's an American history podcast by two comedians, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds. After they broadcast, I write so-you-want-to-know-more blog entries, pages, post original documents, etc.


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I've missed you guys. Now that I have this bad boy on an even keel, I can maintain both my reading journal and The Dollop. Time to catch uupppppppppp...