30-Day Book Challenge: Day 5

A Wrinkle in Time (text only) by M. L'Engle - M. L'Engle

5. A book that makes me happy.


My personal copy of A Wrinkle in Time, because Madeleine L’Engle signed it for me.


I was about nine years old, and she came to speak at a local church. I met her afterwards, and she spent so much time with me as I held her hand and gushed and told her how her writing made me want to write, and how much I was like Meg, with a peculiar little brother…


She just smiled, and continued to hold my hand, and made me feel as if she’d come all that way just to meet me.


We each were instructed to leave one book to be signed simply with her name. I left A Wrinkle in Time, and my mom returned for it the next day. When she gave the church’s events coordinator my name, she recognized it, for it was strange, I was the only person to receive a special message.


My book is inscribed, "For Carla, tesser well. Love, Madeleine.



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