Horror expansions begin

The Necromancer - Douglas Clegg Isis - Douglas Clegg Nightmare House - Douglas Clegg Mischief - Douglas Clegg The Infinite - Douglas Clegg The Abandoned - Douglas Clegg

Rose: I've read the first title on my horror expansion list, and it was a corker. Douglas Clegg never fails to bring the fear, and this prequel to the Harrow House series was hallucinatorily terrifying. 

It's must-read if you are fascinated by cults, Magick, and the idea of esoteric knowledges. Caveat: if you do not enjoy sexual horror, this book is not for you. At all.


Harrow House:



The Necromancer



1. Nightmare House

2. Mischief

3. The Infinite

4. The Abandoned


Thorn: I have the flu. As I have mentioned, I also have an autoimmune disorder. So I am going to hide under the covers, and read, and try not to think about the damage my immune system is currently doing to itself, or what twisted remix of illness the flu will become. That's my own private horror show, and I don't wanna participate.