Arans and Celtics: The Best of "Knitter's Magazine" (The Best of Knitter's Magazine Series)

Arans & Celtics: The Best of Knitter's Magazine - Rick Mondragon, XRX Books, Rick Mondragon, Elaine Rowley I was pleasantly surprised by this library book, since I'm have uneven experiences with XRX's knitting books. While the patterns are enjoyable, the photography is often...odd. Alexis Xenakis likes to use the same models repeatedly in the same book, so that nearly every pattern might be worn by That One Blonde Lady. He also tends to go for artsy, fashion shots, instead of simple, clean photos that show the knits. Some of his models, therefore, often looks angry or pouty, which works sometimes in high fashion, but not in a knitting book. Not for me, anyway.The photography, with a few exceptions, was not what I'm come to expect from XRX, and rather just showed each design in one, clean, face forward shot. Much more enjoyable to browse for possible patterns. I definitely will be working some of these.