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So much cruel noise

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins 1984 - George Orwell Lord of the Flies - William Golding Delirium - Lauren Oliver

Election years feel like dystopian novels come to life. This one is The Hunger Games, 1984, Lord of the Flies, and Delirium (love is seen as a dangerous contagion, life is regulated and monitored by the government) shaken and stirred, all mixed together and clamoring louder louder louder.

The low meanness it is encouraging between commonfolk tastes like warm pennies, shock of copper on the tongue, and sounds like the clamor of pots and pans tumbling to the floor in the middle of a silent night clanging into the silence again and again.

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On Witchcraft - Cotton Mather DEAD PEOPLE POSING: The Mystery Behind Dead Photographs (FULL EDITION: Photographs explained) - Alexander Coil Saddle the Wild Wind: The Saga of Squirrel Tooth Alice and Texas Billy Thompson - Laurence E. Gesell The Run of His Life : The People versus O. J. Simpson - Jeffrey Toobin Another City, Not My Own - Dominick Dunne The Museum of Hoaxes - Alex Boese

Podcast Episode 156: The Marblehead Smallpox Riot: Smallpox Blankie, or Why Are My Neighbors Bumpy?


Podcast Episode 147: The Greenbrier Ghost: Meatless Mondays are Murder!, or Ghosts Make My Head Spin:

true story of the only known legal case where a ghost testified about her own murder


followup entry: Postmortem Photography: includes a premortem photography story about my great-grandfather


Podcast Episode 145: Squirrel Tooth Alice: No pithy Bullwinkle title because there are vintage nudes, yes sir you are welcome


Podcast Episode 126: RA Cunningham and Tambo: Nickels in the Dime Museum, or How to Buy Other People for Fun and Profit!


and, Resources: American Crime Story (and a personal fable, boogeyman and all): relates back to several episodes and ties them all together:


All of entries has the mp3 of the corresponding podcast episode embedded in the beginning of the blog entry, so you can easily listen as well as read. Also, all of the entries have many, many more suggested books to read than I have highlighted here. Because it's me.


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The Bridge At Chappaquiddick - Jack Olsen
"The Dike Bridge, ugly and primitive and unrailed and unmarked, twelve feet wide and some seventy-five feet long, had been in place for twenty years, and no one had ever driven off it."

Time groupthink control secrets perfect little town ugly underneath nice and safe nice and safe

Pines - Blake Crouch The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer - Jennifer Lynch The Lottery and Other Stories - Shirley Jackson

Currently halfway through the first novel in Blake Crouch's series. It's Twin Peaks (and Blue Velvet, a perfect white picket fence with a severed ear at its base) crashing into The Lottery overcome by another wave filled with your every agoraphobic fear fed by that small town out in the middle of nowhere.


Road trip. You are forced to stop in for gas, the only business for miles seems to be the gas station-combo-momandpop diner. The next exits with any recognizable franchises are either miles ahead or behind. The lady behind the counter seems nice enough, and the now-silent customer-companions are watching you with only curiosity...but it suddenly deeply bothers you that it is only you and them for miles and miles, only you, and them, and the humming fluorescent lamps over the slices of the pie of the day...the humming and the blinking...hum and blink and stare...


Series order:

  1. Pines
  2. Wayward
  3. The Last Town

End of Watch (Bill Hodges #3)

End of Watch: A Novel (The Bill Hodges Trilogy) - Stephen King

The end of Stephen King's trilogy will be published June 7, 2016, and can be preordered now.


series order:

1. Mr. Mercedes

2. Finders Keepers

3. End of Watch

The Complete Poems - Maxine Kumin, Anne Sexton

Damn it, Anne Sexton, now look what you made me do. I should be resting, but I poemed all over myself instead. All your fault. (Thank you.)

The Complete Poems - Maxine Kumin, Anne Sexton The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath - Sylvia Plath, Karen Kukil, Karen V. Kukil The Complete Poems of Dorothy Parker - Dorothy Parker

I love this woman. Spending the afternoon with her. If I must choose between The Moiraie of American 20th century literature--Dorothy, Sylvia, and Anne--I cast my thread of fate with Anne, every time, though I love and need them all.

— feeling star
"We had obviously interrupted some rite of unhappiness..."
Holidays on Ice - David Sedaris

"Dinah the Christmas Whore", Holidays on Ice, Expanded Edition

Missed me? I am back, and have a new playground to share.

— feeling cool
Mysterious America: The Ultimate Guide to the Nation's Weirdest Wonders, Strangest Spots, and Creepiest Creatures - Loren Coleman

I so need to catch up with you all, and I need to correct my read shelf...but I have a very good excuse. I have been knee-deep in an excellent project:

I am the webmaster and the librarian for the The Dollop Podcast's website. It's an American history podcast by two comedians, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds. After they broadcast, I write so-you-want-to-know-more blog entries, pages, post original documents, etc.


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I've missed you guys. Now that I have this bad boy on an even keel, I can maintain both my reading journal and The Dollop. Time to catch uupppppppppp...


riding the carousel with Phoebe Caulfield
riding the carousel with Phoebe Caulfield
Peaceful Neighbor: Discovering the Countercultural Mister Rogers - Michael G. Long

Netgalley loves me and wants me to be happy. Today, I was notified about this book, requested it, was granted permission, and started reading it. Yay, Netgalley and yay, Mr. Rogers!

"But she was so nice and quiet!"
"But she was so nice and quiet!"

Reading progress update: I've read 147 out of 324 pages.

The Tooth Fairy - Graham Joyce

Horror expansion project read: This is much more than I expected, but I am at a loss to explain just how. It's shocking and spooky and darkly funny. I am mesmerized and disgusted and enjoying every minute of it,


the whole list:

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